Analysis: Performed by our Doctors and Practitioners

  • Initial health history and physical assessment
  • Laboratory analysis, if needed, to assess your metabolic status
  • Determining your existing or potential obstacles to substantial weight loss
  • Using all of the gathered information to customize a weight loss plan for you
Custom plan: Developed by our Doctors and Practitioners

  • Setting target goals for weight loss and your health in general
  • New, highly effective and safe prescription medications to control appetite
  • Correction of metabolic deficiencies which might be impeding your weight loss
  • Regular visits with your doctor to make the necessary adjustments to your plan
Regular visits: Your Doctor will meet with you regularly to:

  • Monitor your progress
  • Address your questions
  • Provide support and guidance
  • Adjust your plan as needed
  • Overall ensure your success
Hear Andrica's Story:
To sum up the benefits:

  • Customized plan designed to suit your unique health profile!
  • Healthy and rapid weight loss!
  • Losing weight without feeling hungry!
  • Simple and easy to follow diet plan!
  • Losing weight without heavy exercise!
  • Close monitoring and guidance by board certified M.D. to ensure your success!