Holidays are a great time for celebrating, even if at least some of the celebrating has to be done over a Zoom connection. But no matter how you’ll be celebrating the holidays this year, one thing’s for sure: There will still be plenty of opportunities to gain weight.

Studies show that while most people “only” put on about a pound or so during the holidays, the real trouble comes after the holidays, when the bad snacking habits picked up during all those parties and celebrations linger far beyond the New Year’s Day festivities. Eating sugary, fatty foods and indulging in between-meal snacks are hard habits to break, and before you know it, that 1 pound has turned into 5, 7, or even more.

Fortunately, at Baheri Wellness in Beverly Hills, California, our team has some solutions to help women and men keep extra pounds at bay this holiday season — and for all of 2021. Here are nine tips you can use to keep your weight-loss journey on track for success.

1. Adjust your activity

The holidays are certainly busy, and it’s all too easy to forget to work in some workout time. This is a great time to look into some new YouTube videos to change up your at-home routine or add a lunchtime walk to your routine. The extra activity will combat those additional calories you’ll be consuming, plus you just might be starting a new, healthy habit that will follow you into the new year.

2. Skip the dip

Filling up on low-cal veggies is an old trick to avoid overeating at parties. But it doesn’t work if those veggies are drowned in fatty dips and spreads. What’s the harm in having just one carrot doused in ranch dip? Maybe not much — but who stops at one? It’s too easy to overindulge.  If you just can’t bear the thought of popping a plain carrot or celery stick into your mouth, you might do better to avoid the veggies entirely.

3. Pick protein

Protein helps you feel fuller longer, but again, it pays to pick wisely. Look for lean proteins, like fish or chicken breast, and avoid anything swimming in gravy or sauce. Hummus, a good source of plant-based protein, is one dip exception you can enjoy — but again, stick to a normal portion size, and make sure it doesn’t have more fats than the obligatory splash or two of olive oil lurking within.

4. Focus on fiber

Filling up on fiber is another great way to feel full so you don’t double-dip at the dessert station. But fiber can be tricky — stick with whole grains and avoid anything made with white flour. Maintain a healthy portion size, or before you know it, those added carbs will be adding up to extra pounds.

5. Bring your own

If you’re going to a potluck or buffet, make sure your contribution is healthy and low-fat. That way, you’ll know there’s at least one dish you can fill up on while restricting yourself to polite nibbles of other dishes.

6. Plan ahead

If you’re going out to eat, look for the menu online and decide on your choices before you leave — then stick to them. When you’re hungry, it’s far too easy to make unhealthy choices. Selecting your foods ahead of time helps reduce that risk.

7. Don’t skip meals

It might be tempting to cut back on calories by cutting out entire meals, but that’s a plan that can backfire. When you skip meals, you skip important nutrients that can help curb cravings. Plus, extra hunger means you’ll be more likely to binge and make unhealthy eating decisions later in the day.

8. Drink in moderation

This is good advice for your overall health, too, but for avoiding weight gain, it’s a must. Alcoholic drinks contain a surprising amount of calories, and they’re all empty, which means you don’t even get the benefit of nutrition. Some general rules: Skip the mixers and juices, which tend to be heavy on sugar. Stick to a glass of red wine (it has healthy antioxidants) or a non-sweet drink like a bloody Mary. Or opt for a glass of no-calorie seltzer with just a spritz of lime.

9. Get plenty of rest

The holidays can be exceptionally busy and stressful. Getting plenty of rest helps you avoid stress eating, and it also normalizes your body’s metabolism. If you’re not getting your Z’s, you’re more likely to overeat or crave unhealthy foods.

Need more help?

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