Perhaps one of the biggest disappointments with weight loss and maintaining fitness comes when you realize that your body has definite ideas about its shape, and you’re not happy with the resulting bulges.

The fact is, there are stores of fat around your body that simply don’t respond to diet or exercise. So no matter how devoted and intense your regimen, these reminders of your age or former body weight remain.

Fortunately, it no longer means surgery like tummy tucks or liposuction to reshape these problem areas. Nonsurgical body contouring is fast becoming the go-to tool for people at or near their ideal weight who want to subtly mold their bodies to reflect the hard work they’ve done.

Dr. Mehran Baheri and his team at Baheri Wellness Centre are proud to offer the InMode Contoura System for their patients choosing non-invasive, nonsurgical body contouring. The body sculpting specialists at Baheri Wellness Centre believe that the versatility and effectiveness of the radiofrequency Contoura system is the best option for tuning your body shape.

Targeting fat pockets

Subdermal body fat has one characteristic that favors the body sculpting experience. Adipose tissue, where fat cells reside, is very temperature sensitive when compared with other body tissue. When adipose tissue is cooled or warmed outside of a narrow window, it’s no longer viable, and your body starts to naturally flush this tissue through your circulatory system.

That means any method that can change the temperature of these fat cells without harming surrounding tissue could potentially be used to reshape the fat bulges that otherwise interrupt the body contours you’re seeking.

Contoura and radiofrequency energy

You likely think of radiofrequency energy as the basis for commercial radio signals, and you’re correct. You may also know that microwaves are a type of radiofrequency energy that’s harnessed to warm foods.

In between these applications, the Contoura system uses specially tuned radio waves to target adipose tissue. As these waves are absorbed by your fat tissue, they warm up, just as your body does when soaking up the sun.

However, since only fat is targeted, the warming effects are isolated. The coagulation point for this tissue is only 5 to 10 degrees Celsius above your normal body temperature. Contoura makes quick work of this task, starting the natural fat flushing action that follows.

The versatility of Contoura

While there are other body contouring systems on the market, some of these have limitations, such as treatment areas or the amounts of fat necessary for treatment. For instance, light-based body sculpting systems shouldn’t be used around your face, due to the effects that laser could have on your eye. Similarly, systems that use a combination of cold temperatures and suction may not work well on areas where the vacuum can’t grab enough tissue.

With the BodyFX and MiniFX applicators, Contoura can treat virtually any part of your body. Since it uses invisible radio waves, there’s no risk to your eyes. There’s no suction, so you can expect results from any sized fat deposit. The PLUS applicator can help tighten and brighten skin tone by stimulating collagen regrowth.

Learn more about the Contoura system by contacting the pros at Baheri Wellness Centre. Every reshaping challenge is unique, so call the office today at 424-309-147 to schedule your personal consultation. The body of your dreams could be a phone call away.

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