If you’re unhappy with your weight, you’re not alone. Nearly 86% of women and 14% of men are not happy with their weight and how they look. Fortunately, you don’t have to be part of that statistic any longer.

Dr. Mehran Baheri and his team of experts at the Baheri Wellness Center in Beverly Hills, California, specialize in creating a weight-loss program that will fit your needs, goals, and lifestyle.

The basics of a customized weight-loss program

When Dr. Baheri designs your weight-loss program, he takes into account your entire health profile, including your health history and your metabolic status, a measure of how your body processes food. He conducts a physical assessment and evaluates your mental approach to weight loss, including the obstacles you encounter when trying to lose weight.

Dr. Baheri dives into lifestyle factors like sleeping habits, stress levels, and exercise tendencies as well as eating habits like when, where, and how much you eat.

Often, your inability to lose weight is not a matter of lack of willpower but a medical condition like a hormonal, heart, sleep, or eating disorder. Some medicines can prevent you from losing weight, so be sure to tell Dr. Baheri about any medical conditions or prescriptions you have. Regardless of the cause of your weight problems, customized weight-loss programs can help you reach your goals and become a healthier person mentally and physically.

Your program should be easy to follow and sustainable, so Dr. Baheri also considers your interest level in and ability to do exercise, the foods you enjoy eating, and other lifestyle factors. This helps ensure that you’re successful in reaching your goals.

Our weight-loss program is not a quick fix but a life-changing process. You can definitely expect to lose weight, and so much more. You can expect to establish better habits, improve your overall well-being, and increase your confidence in a natural, healthy way.

The customized program

Your program includes guidance on what to eat and how to exercise, and tips on how to stay on track. Depending on your needs, Dr. Baheri may prescribe supplements or appetite suppressants as a part of your program.

You also get our continued support throughout your journey with regularly scheduled meetings with our staff. Dr. Baheri and his team review your body mass index (BMI) every few weeks or depending on your schedule. During these meetings, our team will answer your questions, remotivate you, or tweak your plan to make sure it’s still working for you.

Some tools available to help you stay on track between meetings include:

  • Activity trackers
  • Apps or journals to log your food intake
  • BMI calculators
  • Journaling daily thoughts, struggles, and triumphs

Tracking your journey and discussing it with our team can help us to support you better and provide you with the tools to be successful.

Why customized weight-loss is the best option

Maybe you’re new to weight loss or have been struggling for years to reach your weight goals. Either way, weight-loss options can be overwhelming and, often, one-size-fits-all. Diet plans that restrict what you eat, exercise programs that push you past your limits, food programs that cost you monthly subscription fees, and surgeries that require days of downtime are examples.

These methods might be effective, but at what cost? The best way to lose weight is to do it naturally and in a way that you can sustain for a lifetime.

Our customized weight-loss programs are one-size-fits-you. No difficult exercises, crash diets, or surgery. Just you making small, healthy changes that end in results. When you’re ready to start living the healthy life you’ve always wanted, call our office or send a message online.

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