After a personal referral, I was initially reluctant and I was one of the many who said, “Not another one of those weight loss programs!” So I took the plunge and have not looked back for 3 years now.

Dr. Baheri has helped me fully understand how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise and eating habits so that I could incorporate the program into my life instead of taking it over.

I’ve had a great experience with the medication, as it was tailored to my needs and closely monitored by Dr. Baheri. The medication really helped me curb my appetite; there was no desire for food, so I could concentrate on my food choices.

It is the best weight loss program I have tried…and I have tried them all!!!! Thanks!!

A Slimmer Lynette
Syndey, Australia

“I visited a friend I hadn’t seen in a few months and —WOW! She was skinny. She told me about Dr. Baheri’s program. So, after years of trying literally everything on the market for weight loss, I tried this and you can see my results for yourself! Thank God! It was the easiest and quickest plan I could have dreamed of! Thank you, Doctor!”

Mary S.
San Diego, California

“I had been exercising regularly for 10 years and in the last few years had been making more healthy eating choices. However, I found that I was unable to get past my past transgressions. My exercise and healthy eating alone weren’t enough. On the weight loss program, I didn’t think about food and when I did eat I felt full faster. I ate mostly chicken, fish, plenty of vegetables and whole grains in small amounts. Dr. Baheri monitored me closely along the way to make sure I was feeling good and would adjust my medications accordingly. I am very happy with my results and am confident that I can maintain them with continued exercise and healthy eating.”

Jane J.

“I just always thought I would be the ‘fat boy,’ because I never wanted to try fad diets or anything like that. But, after seeing my sister lose a huge amount of weight in just about 8 weeks, I knew I had to try Dr. Baheri’s program too. I have lost almost 100 lbs. and it took only about 7 months total! I am a new man! This plan was so easy, I had no negative side effects and I am truly a new person!”

Jarrod S.
San Diego, California

“I’ve been a gym rat for as long as I can remember, so working out has always come naturally to me. However, I have always struggled with eating well and have fallen victim to just about every fad diet out there. 2 years ago, I hit my highest weight, going from 135 lbs to 175 lbs. There was no reason for the excessive weight gain, other than a lack of motivation and poor dieting. It was at that moment, I realized that I needed professional help, which is when a client of mine told me about Dr. Baheri and his diet program.

Dr. Baheri customized a diet program based on my medical history, body type, and weight loss goals. At first I was concerned about taking medication, but I have been on the program for over a year now and have experienced absolutely no side effects on the medication; in fact, I feel great! I don’t crave the things I used to crave. I have much more control over what I eat and how much I eat, making it easier to maintain a clean diet. I have even incorporated vitamins into my daily regime (which was something I never did before) thanks to Dr. Baheri’s program.

As a result of Dr. Baheri’s program, I have successfully lost 35 lbs, I now eat better, am in the best shape of my life and feel healthier and happier than ever before!!! THANK YOU Dr. Baheri for making a difference in my life!”

Barbara M.
Northridge, California

“I have always been a ‘large’ person. I have been going to the gym regularly for years and played sports in school, but continued to gain weight. My wife and I have tried to eat healthy for several years, cutting out sodas, and creamy sauces, and pasta, but that did not help.

On the program I don’t think about food, my stomach does not grumble during the day. I get hungry every several days. I listen to my body more than my mind about what and when to eat. I have been able to cut my food intake way back and not feel like I am not eating enough to be satisfied.

I was very impressed that Dr. Baheri continued to monitor my progress through tests and questions throughout the process, rather than some who will give you a medication and send you on your way.

I think I look much better, and people tell me they don’t recognize me. It is great to buy clothes that fit right off the shelf. At this time I weigh less than I did when I graduated from high school.”

Shan J.

“This has been by far the best and easiest weight loss program I have ever tried and stuck with! Dr. Baheri has such a way of making you feel so comfortable with the program and customizing everything to each patient he really has a gift. I have struggled with yo-yo-ing most of my life. While I was not hugely overweight, I was not comfortable with myself. I never thought it to be possible to get down to my teenager size again!”

Woodland Hills, CA

I have been a patient for more than 8 years and have lost and kept off more than 80 pounds. I’ve had a weight problem as long as I remember (Diet Doctors at 3) and have tried every diet and pill with little or much success, none long lasting. Maybe I was just tired and ready to face the fact that the weight wasn’t making me happy and the idea that the food was making it ‘better’ was errant. Dr. Baheri’s gentle guidance guided me month by month to a new life. Slowly, slowly 3 pounds per month the psychotropic pills helped me de power the emotional hold food always has had on me. Change is slow work and Dr. Baheri has been the best guide for me. He is gentle, firm, scientific. I am literally a new person. My friends say better at 71 then 17.

Cynthia B.

Dr. Baheri and staff are great. They’re attentive and informative. I have received quality care in my time under their care.

Mary Lou G.

Always professional and kind

Tom J.

Dr.Baheri really take time with you , he really help you every step of the way.

Jasmine H.

I recommend doctor Baheri because I tried many different diets and none of them made me loss the weight and he understood my health condition and made loss weight so far I have lost around 35 lbs that is alot having congested heart failure and lack of exercise I really appreciated what he have done for me thank you so much the best doctor for losing weight

Jenny V.

Dr. Baheri is a very caring and understanding doctor. I am a nurse and I am with doctors all day. Dr. Baheri is superior in his approach to patient care and I trust him with my care, which means alot to me. I highly recommend Dr. Baheri to my friends and family.

Debra L.